Friday, 30 March 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Keeping up with my hubby

Sometimes I'm thinking that I'm going to divorce my hubby. Should call Kim Kardashian and ask her for advice ;-)

You cannot keep up with men. They think they are always right, in the meantime they are not.
Women are definitely the cleverest between of two. Without us, men would go down.
You ask them to do something and they say "yes". Later you ask them if they did?... and they look at you with their eyes wide open, like they didn't hear me the first time. I don't have much hair but if my hubby won't start listening to me, I will be bald in no time ;-).

One of those days when everything is wrong.
  • Early morning - again.
  • Lot's of paperwork and organising before we leave South Africa.
Today's weather reminds me of London (rain and chilly wind). I miss England, my friends, Primark, Starbucks, parks, the night life, everything. I wish to pop in there for a few days and see why I wanted to leave London and why I am missing it sooooooooo much.
Enough of moaning

It is time to ..................................................


P.s Life without men would be suck ;-)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's"

Watching Jamie Oliver's "30 minutes meal" makes me really hungry. I decided to make my meal in under 1 minute. Milk into bowl, open chocolate weetabix, mix it together. Done!

Switching on E4. "Keeping up with the Kardashians".
These people do nothing the whole bloody day. Let me watch a little bit, maybe I will figure out why and how they make their millions.
"I wish my sister did a sex tape ;)"

Some people complain of a lack of excitement, I definitely don't belong to this group.
Now is the time for "keeping up with the Dollow's". Sounds good, don't you think?.

Tomorrow next chapter of "Keeping up with the Dollow's".


"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Chinese take away

3.38 am - Matthew is moving - he is probably hungry. Went downstairs to prepare his milk. I am fine as I thought my son will go back to bed. 4.50am - we are still awake. My eyes look like 1 pennies. "Come on Matt close your eyes, it's enough".
5.50am - nothing has changed - we are still awake. I took my boy and went downstairs. This is the time when I am thinking of starting to smoke again.
Wanted to have a conversation with my one year old, but it wasn't working at all. I asked him "do you want to go to bed?"
He was like "mmm hmmmmmm, there"
"there" (this is his favourite and only word which he can say).
6.00am in the morning the conversation gets boring.
6.10am - Matt is getting grumpy. Went back upstairs. He fell asleep like an angel. I closed my eyes. 2 minutes later I could hear my older son. I pretended I was in a deep sleep and kindly kicked my hubby out of bed.
After 1 hour we were all up.

After dropping Oliver off to nursery, I popped to the gym. Before I started my workout, I weighed myself. Shit 30 grams up. Damn that delicious Chinese food.
We had Chinese take away last night. I couldn't say no to the sweet and sour pork. How can you? It is impossible.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - I want to become a Celebrity ;-)

Still fighting with my weight. This time I won't let it win. So far "weight" is winning about 90% of the time. It is my turn to kick it's ass. For the last few weeks we were on a break ;-). I wasn't happy when my muffin belly came back.
Now it's time to get back on track.
No more snacks,
No more sweets
No more wine (maybe only one glass at night - It helps me to relax ;-) ).
How do celebrities loose weight so quickly? I guess having a personal trainer helps.
We normal, simple people have to do it on our own.
I want to be a celebrity as well. What to do to become one of them? Maybe I should do a sex tape like Kim Kardiashian, or show boobies like Jordan, or start taking cocaine like Kate Moss? There are too many options. ;-)
I've asked my hubby if he is up for a sex tape. He looked at me and nodded his head. Does that mean "No"?
Damn it.
I need to find other way to become a celebrity. I have to admit showing boobies would be the easiest option;-)


Saturday, 10 March 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Wine Night

What a day. Happy it is almost finished. Matt is in bed and Oliver almost asleep. It is only 7.00pm and it seems we have a night for ourselves. What are we going to do? I am not use to having free time since Oliver was born (4 years ago). ;-)

Need a large glass of wine or maybe 2 and if health allows me, I will have 3 glasses. Must finish drinking before 10.00pm and rush to bed, because my day is going to start very early tomorrow morning.

Good night everybody ;-)

Friday, 9 March 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Very Early morning ;-)

Living in Cape Town is easy but living with my kids is not so easy ;-).
For example. Wake up call was at 5.00 am this morning. Then quick nappy change, milk, breakfast for older son. At 8.00am, together with my husband, we sat down for a very quick breakfast. Boys even let us drink coffee (cold) ;-).
9.00 am Matt is going to bed, Oliver wants to go outside. I've stayed at home, my hubby went out for a walk on the beach. And that is why I had some time to post my news.