Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Running or not running

Since 9.00 a.m this morning I've been trying to push myself to go for a run. It is almost 2.00 p.m and I am still pushing myself. I don't think I am pushing hard enough ;-). Just came up with the best solution.  I will go for a run tomorrow.
I love that idea. ;-)

Just seen a great picture and I am still dreaming if this could work I would be as thin as a spring onion ;-)

                              I would be on facebook all day ;-)

The Kardashian's family just signed a deal for another reality show. They paid them 40 millions dollars. 
I want to have my own reality show as well ;-). I would be happy with 1 million. I won't even negotiate for more ;-). 
In my reality I would show real me ;-) (They always say that). For that money you can be sure, you will see anything, almost anything - except my boobies. Wait a minute, we are talking about 1 million. OK you will see anything. Forget what I just wrote - except my boobies. If someone would want to see the breasts of a mother after breastfeeding 2 very hungry boys, why would I say no!!!! ;-) I can always do breast implants, at the end of a day million is a million.;-). 

How would I look with the implants like that? Not sure if I like it, one person definitely would - my husband. 
His mouth is already watering. Men are like dogs ;-) -It is only boobies men . hahaha



Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"Keeping up with with the Dollow's" - Whisky Night

I was out for the last few days, but now I am back, even bigger and better ;-). My brain started working again, hippie.
I wasn't well at all. The flu eventually caught up with me but I kicked it onto another person - good luck who ever gets it now. I don't have time to get sick. With 2 boys at home and my husband - of course, I have my hands full of work, plus the big move. We are so close to sitting on the plane and have probably the worst journey ever. We are flying with South African airways from Cape town to Johannesburg and from Johannesburg to Sydney with Qantas. These two airlines have the worst reputations in the world. There were no other choices with these being  the only airlines flying from S.A to Oz.
Yesterday my hubby spent the whole day trying to find out "what is the luggage allowance for an infant" - simple questions, but is too "simple" for African Airways to answers. I found it ridiculous not knowing how much luggage we can take with us. We were searching online but because we are emigrating we are allowed to take more than usual. The question is how much more? Still don't know? We will probably be spending quite a few bucks at the airport, paying for extra luggage.
If they ask us to pay extra fees, I will be ready for a fight. Oh, they won't hold me back.

It is almost the end of the day. One kid is in bed and one more to go.
Having a nice chilled whisky and writing on my blog. What else you can you ask for? Another whisky? :-)
It is crazy that in a few days we will be in Australia. In a short period of a few months we have moved from England to SA and now to Oz. It is a bit too much but seems that I am the only one complaining. Matthew (1 year old) cannot speak yet; Oliver (4 years old) not sure if he understands, but he seems happy about it; my husband never complains, and me ... come on I am Polish girl ;-) - we always complain - almost always ;-).
Dan always says to me that if he knew how much I complained he would think again before he popped the question ;-). I think he just says that, he just love me the way I am. By the way " I AM NOT SO BAD, I WAS MUCH WORSE"
I have to admit the whisky is delicious. It relaxes you, makes you think positive, makes you look better and even thinner - when your one eye is closed and other is open everything looks half the size ;-)

Go night, sorry I meant to write god night, damn it I meant to say good night. Another whisky and I won't be able to write my name ;-)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Not the best day

The weekend should be the best days of the week, but is not, not for me, not this time. I am sick, tired, looking like a mess - I have flu, plus the best days of the month just arrived - period (that time of the month), add the nail to the coffin. For the last few hours, I have been looking at the sky from my bed. I will probably stay in bed for the day. Maybe it is not so bad. I will have a rest from my little monsters (my kids) ;-). Am I bad mother? I don't care, especially today.

Need some good news to cheer myself up, so I turned on the TV and found out that Kim Kardashian's ass is real. She did a x-ray to prove to the world that she doesn't have implants. This is good news, isn't it? ;-)
I don't understand. My ass is also big, not as big as hers, but nobody is interested in it. Why? How to make my ass look different and funny?
I will draw 2 eyes and smiley face on my naked [bum] cheeks and go the beach to speak to people. I am sure I can put it on you-tube and tomorrow I will have thousands of viewers. It is a crazy, stupid idea but very original ;-) I have to check what drugs I have been taking today because I'm writing nonsense.

Doing nothing is a pleasure and that's what I will be doing for the rest of a day ;-)

Friday, 20 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Bad Hair Day

I have dilemma today. I want to cut my hair but simply I am scared. I have had horrible experiences with hairdressers. My last one happened 10 months ago in London. I just gave a birth to my second son. I felt so ugly, fat and unattractive (like most mothers after giving birth). I decided that I needed to change something in my look. Was pointless to go shopping because I would have to buy a tent instead of dresses;-).The easiest option was to change my hair - I needed a new hair style. I searched for a new cut until I found the perfect one for me. No time wasted, I booked my hair appointment in a new saloon close by my house. I was excited - probably to excited;-).
Anyway, what I wanted to have was a nice short, stylish hair cut.
2 o'clock , I went for my appointment. The guy who cut my hair seemed that he knew what he was doing. He recommended a bob style.
"Absolutely not"- I said. I showed him the picture with the hair cut and asked him to do exactly the same. Shouldn't be to difficult for someone with many years of experience.We had nice chat while he was cutting my hair, probably to nice.
"It's done"
"Perfect", the front wasn't too bad
"Can I see the back of my hair?" I almost fell from the chair. He shaved half of my head. What an idiot. Anyway, I held back and went back home.
I opened the door. My husband looked at me and said "nice" and went back to the kitchen. I followed him. I knew he didn't like as much as he should do.
"It is not nice, it's horrible" I shouted. "I hate this, I cannot look at myself". He didn't say anything else. It took me a few hours to calm down.
I was crying a lot that day. I covered every single mirror in the house. I could't look at myself. I was so angry that someone could mess up your look even more. I went to hairdresser as I wanted to feel more attractive, instead I felt uglier that ever. It took me six months to recover after this horrible hair cut. I have to admit when they grew back they looked better than ever ;-).

I will give it a go. Will book an appointment today. If they mess up again, I won't hold it back this time.They will have to close the saloon or lock me up to stop me from demolishing the place. ;-)


Thursday, 19 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Beach Day

Just got back from the beach. The weather today in C.T was just amazing. The sea was blue, green  and torquise. Pity that Atlantic is so bloody cold. Been in Cape Town for 7 months and can count on my two hands how many times I was brave enough to swim. My husband - none. How does that sound - That women are much tougher than men.
Aren't we always better than men? Sorry guys but we are. Men wouldn't survive giving birth, staying at home, and looking after children, cleaning, cooking and at the end of the day pretending that we are fine and make love with them.;-) ( this is the last thing that we want to do)
When we are tired we don't have time to complain, or if we do we still have to do what has to be done.
If men are tired they are behave like children.
Hopefully my husband won't read my post today. Not that I am writing about him. He is the best in everything that he does ;-), but tonight he can forget about going to the bedroom at the same time ;-)

I have a very good feeling re: Australia. I think Sydney is the place for us to be. Soon we will find out. Hopefully I have good intuition. Almost 90 % of the time I am right. Coming to London I knew that my life will change for good and I was right. It had changed and I changed. I had a good "nose" to marry my hubby ;-).
Moving to South Africa was "shot in 10", and now its time for Sydney. Sometimes I think that I should be a fortune-teller ;-). If someone wants to hear about the future, please don't be shy. Let me know ;-)

Was talking to my mother today and I feel sad I won't be able to go and visit Poland this year. The distance and price of tickets from Sydney to Poland are just stupid. Why we can never have everything in life? Why if we live in a perfect place we are alone? I cannot answer this question, but I believe everyone has their place on earth for themselves and hopefully Oz is ours.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Keeping up wit the Dollow's" - Quiet Night

One of the best parts of the day is when my boys are in bed asleep ;-) and the other one is when I can sit down on my comfortable couch and have a glass of wine with my husband. I am sure most mothers will agree with me. Sometimes when my kids are in bed,  for at least next hour, I can still hear they voices. They are so loud during the day, that I am pretty sure the younger one is going to be a opera singer.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be (like most girls) an actress or a model. For a model I was and still am to short and to chubby and for an actress to old. Its unbelievable how early you have to start in this business. In America the age group is around 10 years old.
Justin Bieber started when he was 14? Not sure but he was definitely under 15. Come on guys. He was just a kid. I cannot even think that my kids could start their career so early.

Not sure what I fancy for dinner tonight? I shouldn't fancy anything as I am on a diet. For the last 4 years since my older son was born I've been on a diet. I am still trying to loose extra kilograms which I put on during pregnancy. Then my other son was born, which meant extra kilograms again. I am so sick of doing  my diet. Thank God I love exercising. I am very careful with what I eat but sometimes I just loosen my belt and let anything that is around me to land in my mouth. ;-). Tonight I am going to do that. Dan please open the fridge, I am coming. My hubby said he has lost the key to the fridge. Good one.

Its getting quite late, so I'd better turn off my computer and start making my way upstairs. Tomorrow is going to be another sunny day in Cape town. As we have only few days in CT I want to use them as much as I can.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Think Positive

I am trying to be positive every day. So far I am doing well. Waiting for the phone call from hospital. My son has a operation to remove his tonsils. He saw a specialist yesterday and today he is in hospital waiting for the op. This was unexpected, but we couldn't wait longer, my son couldn't wait longer.

I couldn't go there as I have another boy (1year old) at home. My nanny is unavailable today. So I am sitting on needles and waiting for my husband to call.
I NEED my mummy here ;-).
I am sure he will be fine, but this is the first time my 4 year old is in hospital.
I am sure all mothers would react similarly.

It is only 10 days to our next big thing- move to Oz. Everything is waiting for us in Sydney. I joined a group on Facebook - "Polish Girls in Australia". Hopefully I will make new Polish friends...and also non-Polish.
Still missing my girls in Poland, London, soon my South African girls ;-(. Girls you are irreplaceable, but another new chapter is waiting for us and we just had to take it. There are not many opportunities like that.
Being in Cape Town opened my eyes, how many people want to leave this amazing country and they cannot do it as they don't have enough skill/points to get an Australian Visa. You wonder why they want to leave?
When we arrived in South Africa, I could't sleep, not because my sons weren't sleeping, but because I heard so much about crimes in SA. There are lots of crimes, but you just have to let it go if you don't want to go mental. Took me a few months to learn how to live in Cape Town. Doesn't mean I got use to it. Every night we turn on the security alarm and lock everything - just in case. To be honest we had to do that in London as well and we will probably do the same in Sydney.
Living in South Africa, you have to be aware of everything. We were fine but I did hear a lot of nasty stories. I don't want to say because you will never come to visit this amazing city. ;-). It is not as bad.;-)

Had a phone call from hospital. My boy is fine.
Think positive, that's always helps.

Love from sunny Cape Town.;-)


Monday, 16 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Hidden Talent

Another beautiful day in Cape Town. We have only 11 days to go in this amazing country. As much as I am excited to move to Sydney I am also bit sad to leave South Africa. ;-(.

I am sure Sydney is as beautiful as Cape Town, maybe even more. Shhhhhh hopefully Capetownians won't kick my ass;-).

Did you see the new video clip with Jennifer Lopez? She looks amazing. She is flipping 42 and she looks like 22.
I wonder how she is able to do that......or how does TV change her look? They can do miracles with everyone look.
Sometimes I am wonder what they would do with me. How would I look if they changed my looks. If someone wants to try I want to give it a go. ;-). Please contact me ;-)

I am watching "Trace Urban" channel, and I have to say - Adele is a star. Her new single "set fire to the rain" is just amazing.
"Set fire to the rain"
I wish I had her voice. My husband always says to me that I have a great, clear and very loud voice, but every time when I am singing he leaves to another room. What does it mean? I think we all know ;-))))))
Loud doesn't mean pretty.

Maybe I have hidden talent which I don't know about YET.
One day I will discover it, I need time ;-)


Sunday, 15 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Weekend away

Weekend has almost gone.
I drove with Basia to Aurora to spend the weekend with our great friend Ania. With a glass of wine, or maybe 2, 3, or maybe 4,  I don't remember how many glasses I had ;-), it is much easier to gossip. We had lot's of laughs and a great time. Ania and Basia you are going to be missed. By the way I was eating like a piglet last night (let's call it as it was - a pig). Ania thank you for an extra 4 hours run to lose what I put on last night.;-)

Back home in the afternoon, thank God my boys were fine. I was expecting to see the house up-side-down. It was actually in good condition ;-). My husband survived - that's what I was worrying about.
He said they were absolutely fine and had good time.
"I am going away to see another friend next weekend", I said
"No", that was my husband's answer. So were they alright or he just doesn't want to tell me what happened last night? ;-)

It is almost 8.00 pm. Hangover has gone. Wasn't easy for the whole day, but it is almost finished. Why do we drink knowing we won't be well afterwards? I guess we forget about the pain very quickly. Good memories stay in our heads for a long time, so at the end of the day, it's worth it.

My wine glass is empty, I am going to fill it up ;-)

Sweet dreams everybody

Thursday, 12 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Sex Tape

No sex tape yet, sorry. I had a headache last night.;-). No competition for Kim Kardasian and Paris Hilton on
Youtube yet ;-)

Went to Mount Nelson hotel for afternoon tea in Cape Town with my hubby to meet up with his friends. What an amazing place, would recommend to everybody. Bloody expensive but worth it. Eat as much as you can. Would be much nicer if I wasn't on the diet. Today was nicer because I ditched my diet for a few hours-again. You can't say no to those beautiful, delicious cakes, sandwiches etc. How bad am I? I am worse than Bridget Jones, but hopefully not as big as her, not yet ;-).

Tonight on my menu are boiled veggies and fried fish, not deep fried just fried- sounds better-doesn't it?
Why does everything that's fried taste better? It is just not fair. Some girls don't have to check the calories. I hate you skinny girls!!!!!;-). I am one of those who have to check whatever I put in my mouth. If I wouldn't, I would be bigger than Gilbert Grape's mother.
I guess if you want to make your own sex tape you do have to look good naked.
Gok, how to look good naked? You have got your tricks, please sell them to me. ;-)

Dinner time.

Good night everybody.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Live life to the full

Cape Town, beautiful weather, good children (not always), loving husband (not always), great friends, bank account (almost empty, but who cares;-)), what more would you ask for?
I will ask for much more, why not? You only have one life and if you don't use it as much as you can, what the hell is the point of it? 
"Live life to the full, this is my motto"

For the last few months I have been trying to publish my book. I approched  a lot of publishers and agencies. They coae back to me with the same answers: either they don't take new writers or if you are not a bloody celebrity you will never publish your book. I found it difficult to understand all this bullshit. It is not about what you write, its about who you are. Am I right? I strongly believe I am. 100% of celebrities have never even read their own book, and not to mention that they never wrote one sentence in their "own book". They put their name at the end and that's fuc...g it. Not fair, just not fair. 
I am still thinking of, how to become a celebrity? Then I will have a chance to put my book on the shelf at WHSmith.
Any ideas? Please help. 
Sex tape? I don't have anyone to do it with ;-). My husband definitely said no. Maybe I will put a secret camera in our bedroom and then by mistake upload it on-line (you tube) the next day. So many celebrities have done it, why can't I? Because I am not like that. 
How did CoCo become a celebrity? Because Ice loves her or because he loves her boobies? 
Kim Kardashian? We all know how she became a celeb. Big ass, sex tape, funny voice - she was very busy promoting herself. But she did it, look at her now. Maybe I shouldn't be so critical. No more time wasting, I am going upstairs to install my secret camera. Go Ania, you can do it. 


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Easter Party

And Easter has gone. Thank God for that. After preparing all the food for 2 days and another 2 eating it, I decided that I am not going to weigh myself, not yet, just for safety reasons. I do need my scale for later ;-).
It was nice to catch up with our friends whom we might not see for a very long time (going to Oz in 2 and half weeks time).
I have lost track, how many times I have said good byes. Each time is not getting easier.

Pictures from Easter Party

From Poland to England; from England to South Africa; from South Africa to Sydney; stop over for good? Don't know, but I hope so. If the spiders and all the deadly creatures leave me alone (please do) I would probably love to stay in Sydney for a bit;-).

Poland/ Warsaw (Lived in Poland for 23 years)
England/London (Lived in London for 9 years)

Cape Town/South Africa (Lived  there 8 months)
Australia /Sydney (New Life)

My last sip of coffee has gone. I can hear my boy, his morning nap is finished, so has my free time, until his afternoon nap;-)))))))



Thursday, 5 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's - Easter is just around the corner"

Easter is just around the corner. The shopping has been done.
I thought I would be fine but clearly I am not. It will be another Easter far away from my family in Poland.
I spoke to my mother today and I had to switch my skype camera off. Tears were dripping from my face. I didn't want her to see me like that. I think she knows I am suffering being far away from them, but she is to scared to bring up the subject as both of us will never stop crying. And who will prepare Easter lunch?
Why is everything so complicated ;-(.
There will be more tears to deal with soon. My poor husband will have to listen to me for another few days, my complaints, etc. Thank God, Ania and her family are coming over to our place for Easter Sunday and I am pretty sure she will join me for a little cry out;-). "Nobody will understand you better than someone who is in the same situation as you are". Will have to stock up with alcohol as we will need it a lot. 
Easter is just so different in Poland. I don't think that anywhere in the world people are celebrating the way Pols do. Preparations are just massive. My mother starts baking a few days before Easter Sunday. My father is always making his own sausages, hams, gammons, etc. It is the best meat in the world. This is not only my opinion. Who ever tried his food, felt in love - not my father, but meat.;-)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - When I get older

This song will always remind me of SOUTH AFRICA

Click below on the link
"When I get older"

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Wine Estate

What a great day we had today. First of all we manage to find a place to rent in Sydney (over the internet). Hopefully the place looks as good as in the picture and I won't cry when I see it;-).
Secondly, we went out for a beautiful lunch to wine estate in Constantia. We did a wine tasting so I got a little bit happy after all ;-). South African wine is the best in the world.

Our move to Australia is getting closer. We only have 3 weeks left in beautiful Cape Town. I will miss C.T a lot, but I hope Sydney will be even better.
I never expected that I would end up in South Africa. In 2005 I came to S.A on holiday and fell in love in this beautiful country. I wasn't sure if I would be able to live here. The crime and all the stories was just too much for me. In 2011, after spending 9 years in London we said enough.
We had enough of the horrible British weather. My husband asked me if I would consider moving to Cape Town, while we were waiting for our visa to Australia. Without a breath I said YES. 4 weeks later we were on the plane to Cape Town.
I managed to find a lot of amazing Polish girls on Facebook . I organised my first Party. Not knowing anybody,we hosted a Christmas party in our house. It was a very nice got together. Since then we managed to meet up a few more times. The one thing that I am going to miss the most will be you girls;-)

Few pictures from the wine estate

Sunday, 1 April 2012

"Keeping up withe Dollow's" - Keeping up with the Diet's

I've been searching for dieting tips today and I have to say, that I have probably done everything that could be done to loose weight. The extra kilograms just don't won't to leave me. They are very cosy in my stomach, bum, legs and boobs. As much as I am trying to get rid of them, they don't want to go. I was even considering going for an operation to remove this extra fat, but I am not brave enough to do that. The thought of cutting off my belly and all of that gives me a goosebumps.
So I don't have much choice, other than go to the gym and sweat my ass.
I guess being 32 is not so easy to loose extra pounds, like being 22.
Maybe I should starve myself for a while. That always works. To be honest I did that and I lost my health for a while (weight as well). This was probably the stupidest method that I ever used. But being young and believing in what you see in magazines, all those beautiful, perfect models (which by the way is rubbish) you want to look like. The magazines are carried away with perfection. Why not to show the real person !!!. I wouldn't be surprised if they change heads, bodies and mix it up. Pathetic.
I have the Photoshop program, so I can have boobies like Jordan, ass like Kim Kardashian, hair like Jennifer Aniston, teeth like Cheryl Cole, legs like Anja Rubik.
What will I keep of mine? BRAIN ;-)

If you are chubby, fat or not happy with yourself please click and watch.