Friday, 25 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's - No more kids

The winter has arrived in Sydney. Would be nice to experience something different than a hot summer. I am very curious how cold it will get here in Oz.
Hopefully the winter is as short as the summer in England ;-)

My older son had his 4th birthday yesterday.
Soon Oliver - in 2 years time - will go to school and probably won't even give me a kiss any more. He will be like "don't embarrass me" - I have heard that from somebody else. I am not looking forward to that.
Maybe I should think about another baby? Then I will have plenty of hugs and kisses.
If you just could see my husband's face when I mention that - priceless. I don't think he would manage another one. We have 2 very busy boys, quite naughty as well ;-). I always wanted to have a little girl - so as my husband, but we have stopped trying now.
Sometimes when I am looking at my little boys and I could picture another boy. It would be nice to have another one to join the Dollow gang. They are just too cute. ;-). They can spoil mummy and because they are boys - no one will ever steal my cosmetics ;-) - hopefully ;-)

Anyway enough about babies. I still have a baby at home - Matthew is 14 months old - he is teething at the moment, he is not well, he is not sleeping well at night, he is quite spoilt - do you know what? I am not picturing another boy any more. ;-)
For example today. Wake up call 5.05 am.
"Mum I am thirsty",
"shhh it is very early"
"but mum I am thirsty "- Oliver was trying to tell me at 5.05 am
"Then go to the kitchen and have a water" - I told him
"But mum the sink it to high, I won't reach the water" - good point.
"Uhhhh, ok I will bring it you just must stay in bed."
As I opened the door in my bedroom I could hear Matthew's movements. Damn, by the way where the hell is daddy? Daddy was sleeping on the new couch. Oliver sneaked into our bed last night and kicked Dan to another bed. Crazy.
This is only the short story of what is happening in our home from the very early hours. ;-)

Have a good day everybody, mine is going to be very long ;-)

OK Dan, no more kids. His face is coming back to normal - priceless again. Oh men ;-)

Monday, 21 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - New me, new you.

I love Gok. Just watched his programme. He knows a lot about us - women ;-)
He knows how to dress women and how to look good naked - not him - us - women;-)

I am taking his advise today. No more dark and boring clothes. I want to be fashionable. I want to be new me. First of all I have to change my wardrobe - my husband will be happy - I need his card ;-)

The weight is doing fine ;-). I've started my new diet and fitness regime.
When? 2 minutes ago ;-).
I am going to do a 1000 - 1200 calories diet and running every day etc. for the next 3 months. I need to fit into my bikini before summer arrives in Sydney. Still a few months to go.
Maybe someone wants to join me?  Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? More like a brilliant Idea. I love it and I will do it.

We all need changes. New hair, new clothes, new men, new husbands, new lovers, new body. Everyone needs to do something for themselves every now and then.
I, for example cut my hair not so long ago. I found a picture of a hair cut which I wanted and which I liked and went to the hairdresser to do it. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but I was kind of ok with it. Did I feel better afterwords? Yes I did. Changes are good. Life would be boring if we looked the same everyday.
Before I got pregnant I looked different. I was much thinner, tanned and younger - I miss that look - but I was also younger. Now I am more chubby plus stretch marks ;-(. Do I like that? No, I hate that. I have lost almost 20 kg since my second son was born - 14 months ago - but I still have 7 kg to go. I am going to do that, nothing will stop me, not even a cake, ice cream, sweets, cookies, chips, pizza, ..............................;-)

Thanks to everybody for the nice comments regarding my Blog. I would never have excepted that people, who I don't know, would read my Blog and my book and would be so nice to me ;-).
My life is quite interesting - but I thought only for me ;-0).
Since I left Poland in 2003 a lot has change in my life - for good. I do miss Poland but I am so glad I made the decision to go to England. If I had stayed in Poland, I would never have experienced so much. The beginning in London was horrible - but I knew that I was not going to stay there forever. When I met my husband everything changed. I opened myself to the world. I met so many great people in England. With a broken heart, I said goodbye to them before we left to South Africa. I have learnt a lot about myself. I discovered that I love cooking, writing, travelling. I had organised a lot of parties - the biggest was for 40 people. People were asking me for recipes and when they invited me to their house they always asked me to bring some Polish food with - I am writing about non-Polish friends ;-).

Life is full of surprises. We have to take as much from life as we can. Nobody is going to live forever, so why not to enjoy every minute of it. ;-)

P.S - I am going to enjoying my new couch and pillows. ;-)


Saturday, 19 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Piece of me

A good friend of mine called me lucky today. You have everything - loving husband, beautiful boys etc.
Thanks - but I wouldn't call it luck.

I was born in small town in Poland. We didn't have a big house or money to spare. We had a very cosy 2 bedroom flat with my older sister and brother and had rather a quiet life.
When I was a teenage girl I had my own vision of my life, it was more like a dream. I wanted be a theatre actress or a writer - even though my Polish teacher always told me that I have no writing talent;-)
Anyway, after finishing university in Poland at UMCS - Lublin, I started searching and looking for a job. There were no jobs for me or any body else at that time. I remember that everyone was asking me for experience. What experience? I just finished university -where was I supposed to get my experience from? I was happy to get my experience and working for free but I couldn't find anything. My very good friend - at that time was in London - she called me and told me that one of her friends wants to come back to Poland and she had cleaning jobs for sale. I was like - me? cleaning jobs? No.
After a while I accepted the offer and with very unhappy people in Poland I went to London. Poland wasn't in the EU at that time, so I basically was going to be an illegal emigrant. Not nice!
I was almost sent back to Poland at the border - as the emigrant officer didn't believe me that I was going for only a two week holiday to London. He was absolutely right ;-). I was't going for two weeks - I was meant to stay in England for a year. In the end I end up staying for 9 years ;-)
After a few days in London, I wanted to go back home. My friend turned out to be a completely different person. I could go back but I borrowed money in Poland for the trip so I had to sit quietly - which by the way wasn't easy - and be patient. I hated my job. Everyday I had tears in my eyes. I wanted to something else. I bit my tongue and was doing what had to be done.
A few months later, I met a girl from my home town and we became very good friends. We rented a room together. She also introduced me to Daniel - my husband.
One night after walking around in Oxford Street, Dan called Anka and invited her and me for a dinner at his place. I didn't want to go as I was tired and not in the mood for dinner. After 2 pint's of beer I changed my mind and 2 hours later I was sitting in Dan's house eating - I don't remember what ;-). After dinner all of us went to Camden town to a rock bar. It was a great party. From the minute Dan opened his door, I fell in love with him. He was - and still is very a handsome man ;-). I thought there would be nothing between us as I couldn't speak English - except hi ;-) - oh, a little bit more than that - by the way he is English, but most of his life spent in South Africa.

I was visiting his place more and more often. We liked each other and we were having a good time together. I decided that I would not go back to Poland, not just yet. Anka and myself went to English college together to learn English. We changed our place and moved to a very cosy place in Portabello Road with our South African friend Steven. After six months our lease expired and we had to find another place to live. Dan offered me to move in with him. I was like, ok. ;-)
A year later he popped the question and a year after that we got married in Poland. Another year later our first son - Oliver was Born and 3 years later Matthew. After spending 9 years in London we were fed up with the English weather - my skin was getting whiter and whiter ;-)

I found another job at the shop called Jeans West. It was on Oxford street. They paid me as little as they could. It wasn't fair but I had to get some kind of experience. The manager of the shop was a pig. He was forcing us to do strange thinks which  I refused to do. I end up having case against him. I accused him of sexual harresment. I wasn't the first but I was definitely the last. He got fired immediately. Then I found job in a firm of solicitors - I was a assistant the the partners. My boss wasn't great. He was screaming the whole day at us. I manage to stay there for a whole year. This was quite difficult. I remember I was crying at my lunch time and I wanted to quit, but I am not a quitter, so pulled myself together and always put a smile on my face in the office. My last job in London was for a housing association - was helping single mothers to find benefits and accommodation. After 8 months I fell pregnant. I had quite a difficult pregnancy so we decided that I was going to stay at home. 

After 9 years in London, we decided to go to Cape Town. We were also applying for a visa to Australia but after a while - almost 2 years - we were loosing hope that we would get in to Oz. After unpacking our luggage in South Africa, we received a positive answer from Australia. We were shocked, happy, and confused what we were going to do next.
We decided that would be nice to spend a few months in Cape Town and relax. We met a few friends - which by the way we miss. Especially the Rochers ;-).

3 weeks later we have arrived in beautiful Sydney. It feels right for us here. Everything is just perfect except the spiders;-)
Can I call myself a lucky girl? Yes I can, but everything is for a reason. I work hard to be where I am now.

P.S - This is just a piece of me ;-)


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - New couch

Winter in Sydney is better than summer in England ;-)
Remember Londoners you can always move to Australia.

Sent a couple of copies of my book to some agencies in Australia today. Fingers crossed. I had so much positive feed back regarding my book so why wouldn't I try again - you can find my book on my blog, on the right hand side.
We should never give up in what we believe. Kim Kardashian recently said "I always believe in myself" and I always believe in her ass - sorry meant to say in her story.
Still cannot believe that because of her BIG three letters, she is well known all over the world. All her family is just too much, and what the hell is wrong with Scott? - Oh my God - Is he working or messing around the whole day? Why do I know so much about them? Because I've been watching this family of clowns. Why? I don't know ;-)

I should start writing my new blog about my family. Maybe we can also be as well known as the Kardashian's;-)
My father,
My mother...did..........,
My sister......was a.....,
My brother..had..........
My husband....have.....
My kids......are.....
I think we just too normal to write about us. We need some freaks in our family.  ;-)

Our new couch finally arrived. Pretty stuff. Nice, beautiful looking piece of furniture. We are looking very carefully after her - why are all pretty and dangerous things called after female? Like hurricane Paulina, Nina, Kenna - maybe because women are pretty dangerous and beautiful? I forgot about hurricane Ania ;-) - this one is called the biggest - as I found out yesterday at the shop - and the loudest - as my husband is always telling me.
We are checking kids hands every 5 minutes to see if they are dirty. New rules are - no legs, no jumping, no eating, no sleeping on the couch. I think we don't need any freaks in our family as it's sound pretty much like we are freaks ;-)

I remember when my very good friend's father bought new shoes, she asked him why he never wears them? The answer was - because they are new. ;-0) - and who is a freak? ;-)

Good night and good morning from sunny Sydney.

Monday, 14 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Crappy Day

I am feeling crappy, fat, ugly etc.

I went to the shop today, waiting in the queue, the salesman was staring at me. I was like - what does he want from me? Why is is looking at me so much?
Then he opened his mouth and my nightmare started.
He asked the person in front of me to give me way as he thought I was pregnant. I had my oversize scarf wrap all over me so he could think I was expecting.
So the guy in front of me moved to give me space. I am not pregnant - I said very loud. He looked at my tummy and he apologised.
He was very apologetic and I was very red. My face was probably more red than a beetroot.
I went to the car and I didn't know what to think. Am I so fat? Why did he say that?

I came back home and told my husband about the incident, he was just laughing. I don't think this was funny - I said.
Dan hugged me and touched my stomach, then jokingly asked me, are you pregnant?
Almost punched him.
Then my son started singing: "somewhere in the jungle where nobody goes there is my big big mummy", that was it. I couldn't stand more.
Thank God my one year old cannot speak yet.

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully nobody will insult me - again.
Hopefully it was a kind of misunderstanding, what if it wasn't? O damn ..........

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - "Busy Day"

Busy Day

6.00 am wake up call - kids had enough sleep, quick breakfast, tidy up the flat, quick coffee - rest for 5 minutes.
8.00 am - my son wanted pancakes - back to the kitchen.
8.30 am - cousin with her daughter arrived
9.00 am - we all went to the beach - Manly, what a beautiful place.
11.00 am - got back home.
11.01 am - back to the kitchen to prepare lunch.
12.15 pm - the little one is in bed - finally.
12.16 pm - lunch time
12.30 pm - back to the kitchen to prepare lunch for Matthew.
In the mean time - washing clothes.
12.40 - time off for mummy ;-)
12.45 - little one just woke up - that's what I call good luck ;-). There is never any rest for me ;-)

4.00 pm - Just got back from shopping. Now I am relaxing with a Polish sausage in my hand ;-). It is nice to have Polish food again. In South Africa there were no Polish products. In England, almost in every big supermarket you could find Polish food and drinks, oh I miss that a lot ;-).

5.30pm - went for a run. quick shower.
5.50 pm - back to the kitchen - to prepare dinner.
6.20 pm - shower time for kids.
6.45 pm - dinner time
7.00 pm - the little one passed out, the older one is still watching his cartoon.
7.35 pm - Oliver's bed time
7.40 pm - wine time and finally relaxing time for very tired parents. ;-)

Good Night.

Monday, 7 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Happy wife = Happy life

Its one of those days when you realise how far away from everybody we are. I miss my friends and family already - so much.
Having my boys and my husband's family (now also mine) does help, but I also want my mummy and daddy here.

I think I need to do some shopping, that always helps - for a better mood. It is quite chilly today, so spending the day in a shopping centre would be the best idea for a day. I do need some new clothes - who doesn't?
I wonder how my husband will react to this news. If he want's to have a happy wife, he needs to give me his card.

Happy wife = good wife ;-). Happy wife = food at home ;-)
Happy wife = happy life
Happy wife = better and longer sex life ;-). I am sure the last reason will convince my husband to give me his card ;-).
Aren't we clever? The cleverest.

A few days ago I saw these beautiful winter shoes. I closed my eyes when I looked at the price as it was shocking. I do need to have them, they are gorgeous. When I was looking and touching them - believe me or not - I felt a big connection between the two of us ;-). I couldn't put them back on a shelf. The salesman was looking at me, like there was something wrong with me. Was I embarrassed? Of course I was.
I didn't see anything around me except those winter shoes. Some children were screaming outside the shop, I was like - can someone shut them up. They were so loud,  where the hell was their mother? The mother was in the shop looking at the winter shoes ;-)

Just got back from shopping, need to calm down, the prices in Oz are crazy. I did buy a few things. I decided - after checking the price of my dream winter shoes again - that I don't need winter shoes. I have 4 pairs in my cupboard. I think it is more than enough. Winter in Oz is not as hard as in Poland or
England ;-).

Now, how to show my hubby the bill, actually -  the bills? I think I will play it very simple - bedroom ;-) there won't be any questions. ;-)

Dan are you ready?
Read for what?
For me ;-)
O ye ;-)

Good night

Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Redback

First redback has been found and killed in our flat. They aren't supposed to be in my flat ;-(
The bastards are everywhere and they are poisonous as well. My older son was playing with the spider and was asking my husband to have a look. Took him (my husband) a while to move from his chair, finally when de did he was surprised to see a redback on the wall. He squashed him immediately

My mother called me today and asked if  I am writing the truth on my blog? I was like, of course it is all true. Why? - I asked very surprised -
By the way on the left hand side of my blog is a new gadget called translate - which you can translate in any language you wish. She cannot read in English so she had to translate to Polish language. The translations aren't great. She thought I don't have money; I am tired and drinking whiskey non stop. ;-). I told her to stop reading this rubbish and go to bed.
What I am writing is not rubbish - its a pure truth - the translation is ;-D)

Kids are in bed, the TV control is mine. Watching "Dancing with the stars". I am sooooooooooo jealous. Don't get that. People who never danced in their lives can move so fantastic. I wonder if I could dance as good as they do. Doubt it. Sometimes I feel like I have 2 left feet.
Oh Gosh, just watched the guy who moves like he has wooden legs - not everybody is brilliant ;-)
I have to say the Australian version is great, but the American "Dancing with the stars" is unbeatable. Polish is in 2nd place. The most disappointing is the English version. Every time I watched, the British DWTS looked like they didn't even care and they are always doing slow dances. Americans are jumping, flying and God only know what else they can do. ;-))))).

Have a good night. Mine looks like already is. ;-)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Happy me ;-)

A few glasses of wine, good company (girls only) good meal, no children = great night out ;-) - (last night)

I don't want to say (because my girls in London will be jealous again - it has been raining in England for a few weeks ) but I just have to - we have another beautiful day in Sydney. No rain, the sun is shining and we are all happy people ;-)

Rainy London
sunny Sydney

For the last 2 days my washing- machine is out - broken. I have two big mountains of washing to do, but who cares - I am happy.
My credit card doesn't work, but who cares - I am happy.
I haven't slept for a few days, but who cares - I am happy, we are having the best time ;-)
By the way, I am not on drugs, I am just happy person ;-)
After not sleeping for days and drinking a lot of coffee and cokes I feel like I am on drugs. I am scared what will happen with me when the caffeine stops working. ;-0) brrrrrrrr

I had better put my trainers on and go for a run as I haven't done it for a while. My ass won't fit in my jeans soon, then I won't be happy as I have written above ;-).
Nothing annoys me more than extra kg's on my scale, not even my hubby annoys me as much - when I am on my period. He knows, as soon as my days are coming he doesn't talk to me at all, which annoys even more. He doesn't understand that when I am on the period he must do anything that I want. I wish we could swap for one month with men and they would experience this amazing time. Will they understand what we going through? Doubt it, but It would be fun to see them suffering for a few days;-)

It is 8.25pm and just got back from a BBQ. Was nice to try Australian's lamb - which by the way I am not a fan of , but I have to admit it, it wasn't as bad as I thought.
After few glasses of wine, everything tastes better ;-)

Good night


Thursday, 3 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - Cookies day

Another beautiful day in Sydney. I already feel like we've been living here for a long time (we only just arrived 5 days ago)
Someone asked me what we've seen so far in Sydney? We managed to visit the local hospital from the inside - my son wasn't well so we had to rush to emergency unit - (he is fine now).

Today, finally we went to the beach, very close to us - 5 minutes drive. Great place and great location. What I love about Oz is  that everything is so safe and suitable for kids.

What I don't like about Sydney is that everything is flipping expensive ;-(
I guess we do have to find jobs very quickly or we will live on the street very soon ;-)

Oh no my plate with my biscuit's is empty;-(, I need to get up and bring some more. O man, that means I have to move.
(No, this is not my plate ;-D)
If someone asks, what has happened to my diet, the answer is, nothing, I am still very much on a diet ;-). I need sugar to think
properly ;-) and biscuits make me happy and they help me to write my blog ;-) and and and there are many of other reasons why we should eat healthy, sorry I meant to say eat sugar. ;-)
You can be on a diet and still eat sweets, but the weight might be going up, not down. Oh who cares? We are coming into winter in Sydney so I don't have to wear my bikini for a few months. I will start my new diet without any sweets from next tomorrow. Why wait for tomorrow, I can start from now. Good bye sweet and very yummy cookies and other brown beauties. I am on a new mission. I need to loose 5 kg by end of August ( 3 months - almost 4 months). I think 4 months is more than enough.
Pity is, I always say that ;-)

Good luck to me.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"Keeping up with the Dollow's" - News from Syndey

Finally we are connected to the internet - which means I am back on track ;-)
We landed in Sydney - (land of kangaroos) on Saturday afternoon.
What a flight we had ;-). Long, long and one more time long one. The plane was packed, not one seat was free and even worse - was packed with children - little children, under one. One started crying, the other were followed ;-) Nightmare. No more flying for us - for many years.

I went for a walk with my son today, I saw 5 huge spiders in people gardens. They are freaking me out. Why would people want to keep them? I don't get this. I guess, being here for a few days is too early to understand Ozzie's ;-)
If we do buy a house we definitely won't have any trees or plants in our garden. No way!
My husband loves plants and doesn't mind these 8-legged creatures, but if he wants to remain married to me, he must forget about plants. We will have nice grass and that's the only greens that he will see.

                                                                                                                                                                                The time diffidence in Australia is the worst.
My boys have been partying at around midnight every single night so far. Last night - around 10.30 p.m, my husband and I were about to go to bed and what I could hear? Matthew and Oliver were chatting in their bedroom. We didn't move as we thought -  if they won't hear us they will go back to sleep. They are far to clever for that. Matthew started screaming so we had to take them out.
Then Oliver was hungry and Matthew did a poo poo. etc until 12.40 a.m.
The little one still wanted to party but we put our feet down and said no. Did he listened? No ;-). We haven't slept much since we got to Sydney. What am I talking about? We haven't slept much since our little hooligans were born ;-).

That's it for now ;-)

Good morning and good night. ;-)