Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year <3

We are almost there. 2015 is almost over. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. Every year we learn something new, experience new adventures, meeting new people etc. I had a great year. Hopefully you had as well. <3.

Wishing everyone a great party tonight. We are celebrating in Australian style, beach style. I cannot wait to open the champagne and wish my lovely friends all the best for 2016. 

I also wish myself a happy, great, healthy New Year filled with a lot of surprises......good surprises  ;-). Hopefully all my dreams will come true ;-). I have a lot so I am being realistic, and I know that there is not enough days for my loooong list ;-). 

Monday, 21 December 2015

Bula from Castaway Fiji

Bula from Castaway Fiji.

I cannot believe that I haven’t been on my blog for so many weeks. I also cannot believe that it is only 2 days till Christmas. This year, we are skipping all the kitchen madness and we have chosen the easy way out to celebrate Christmas. On Saturday afternoon, we arrived in the most beautiful place on earth called Castaway Fiji. The island is quite small. It only takes a few minutes to walk around, plus the Pacific ocean is warmer than our pool in Sydney ;-).
We were looking forward to this holiday for almost a year. I booked it in February, as I wanted to make sure to get a bura. Believe me or not we booked the last available villa. Food, people and location are fabulous. It will be strange not to have a huge Christmas at home, but it will be a completely new experience for the Dollow family.
Obviously not everything went that smoothly like looks on Facebook ;-)

A few days before the flight we noticed that Matthew's passport was valid for only 4 months. Fiji is one of those countries that requires a minimum of 6 months. I almost died when I noticed it. The next morning we were in mad rush and went straight to the British embassy in Sydney. It took only 2 hours to sort it out. Amazing! We got an emergency passport for our boy. Relief! What if I wouldn't have noticed the mistake? I still have goosebumps each time I think about it ;-)  

Thursday, 19 November 2015

"Counting down days till Christmas"

Counting down days till Christmas

Who has started counting down the days till Christmas?  Me, me, me!!!!
I cannot wait for the 24th of December, and not because  we are going to fry our bums in Fiji
but because I hope to will my Christmas present from my special list this year;-)
We are also getting closer to our Christmas party. I  simply cannot wait to spend time with my beautiful friends.

OMG we have such a hot spell in Sydney at the moment. Today +34, tomorrow +38.  ,....Next week similar, if it wont stop burning soon I will look like a black pudding ;-) any minute ;-).

Do you know what? I am boiling here so I better go and have a quick dip in the pool .

Good night and good morning ;-)

Monday, 26 October 2015

"Few Words"

Few words <3

I want to start by saying hello, as I haven't done it for a while ;-)

I don't want to say that I've been busy etc because I am ;-) and that's the reason I haven't been on my blog for a while.

We were also away at beautiful Smith's Lake where we celebrated my fab friend's 40th birthday. It was a wild and crazy weekend ;-)
BTW she looks 30 not 40 ;-). She is one of my besties in Oz.
Ozie was one of the first people I met after arriving in Oz, so she will always be close to my heart <3

What else is on the menu?
Sooooo much ;-) Good, I like when is busy ;-)
This Saturday is Halloween, so keeping up with tradition, we are going trick or treating and afterwards straight to a "scary party" ;-). It is going to be fun.

As I mention before, we are off to Fiji for Christmas. I couldn't leave without a party so on the 5th of December we are organizing BIG Christmas Party. I simply cannot wait.
P. S Expecting around 40 people -) woooohooo. I am going to be busy <3

Monday, 5 October 2015

"Another holiday and ...

Another holiday and ......

We were sad to leave beautiful Byron Bay, but it was time for us to get back home to Sydney ;).
I loved every minute of  Byron. What a fantastic place. Food, people and ....a lot of to say weed in the air ;-) Now I understand why they call it a hippie place ;-) I was very happy there, even happier that I am in Sydney. I guess I know why ;-) You don't have to smoke to be stoned ;-) hahahaha
For sure, I will be back there and not because I love the air  ;-) but because I love everything about the place. ;-) I was even thinking of squeeze a few more days in Byron this year, but it is getting quite hard to find any free time. 
We are going away in two weeks time to Lake Smith.  In the meantime my script needs to be finished, and I am working on my second book, so as you can only imagine I am pretty busy ;-) but I am loving it <3
Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me ;-) Who wouldn't want to see my script on the big screen? ;-). Anyway it is going to be a long and hard slog ahead of me, but I am not going anywhere, except to Castaway (Fiji) for Christmas ;-)
I have to be honest with you, I have never spent Christmas away from home. Not sure how I will handle it, but looking at the picture, do you think I will struggle???
Me too ;-)

P. S It has been  +34 degrees in Sydney for the last few days. It is hot hot hot <3<3<3
Wine+pool+friends+beach + BBQ ....etc that's pretty much what we have been
doing for the last few days ;-)
BTW that is Australia for you <3

P.S We also work and.........anyway I am going for a swim ;-)))))

Monday, 21 September 2015

"From Sydney to Byron Bay"

From Sydney to Byron Bay.

On Saturday morning we started our looong drive to Byron Bay.
6 hours later we arrived at our first stop, Scotts Head.
Dan booked a house in the middle of the bush. I couldn't understand why did he would do that knowing that Ania and bush don't go very well together ;-)
He also said it is a posh bush house and silly me in believing him.
Anyway, we arrived at the house and I actually started crying. Why?
I tell you why. The place was far away from being posh, plus the toilet was outside. OMG! I sat down and I asked my hubby to start looking for something else as I couldn’t stay there in a million years ;-)
He tried, but nothing was available that night.
I opened a bottle of wine and poured myself a glass, full glass as I needed to calm down ;-)
A few minutes later the owner came to say hello. I introduced myself and asked him about the creepy crawlies.
He said, “listen, we are surrounded with 11 acres of the bush. You can expect anything but don't worry I sprayed everywhere so nothing should bother you tonight.”
I kind of calmed down and then he said, “I remember when a Chinese couple stayed here. I was showing them one room upstairs and suddenly a tarantula started walking in the middle of the room. I am not scared of spiders so I picked up the spider and put it outside. The Chinese lady called me, with her Chinese accent crocodile Dundee”
He actually thought that the story was funny. I on the other hand, had to finish the whole bottle of wine to calm down ;-)
As you can expect I didn't sleep much that night as I was non-stop thinking of the tarantula , Yukkkkkkk

The next morning, the kids got up at 5am and after a quick brekkie we ran away.
A couple stops later we arrived in stunning Byron Bay.
What a change of surroundings. Beautiful, hippie town.

Tomorrow the rest of the story …............... as we are off for some sightseeing ;-)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

"Byron Bay"

Byron Bay

Witam po krótkiej przerwie ;-)

U nas jak zwykle dużo się dzieje..... Wypady, wyjazdy , spotkania itd .....
W najbliższą sobote wybieramy się na małą wycieczkę po Australii.
a mianowicoe  jedziemy do Byron Bay. To jest prawdopodobnie przepiękne miejsce, które koniecznie trzeba odwiedzić.
Tym  razem zdecydowaliśmy się na wyprawe autem a nie samolotem. Z Sydney do Byron Bay to jakieś 8-9 godzin jazdy. Nie chcemy aż tyle czasu spędzić w samochodzie, więc po drodze zostajemy na noc w Scotts Head a dnia nstępnego prosto do Byron Bay na pare dni. 
Z powrotem też się gdzieś zatrzymamy ale jeszcze nie wiemy gdzie ;-)
Postaram się na bieżąco umieszczać fotki z wyprawy, I promise <3
Jestem strasznie podekscytowana tą całą wyrawą i mam przeczucie, że bedzie naprawde udana ;-) 


Thursday, 27 August 2015

"Scenariusz filmowy"

Scenariusz Filmowy

Wczoraj jedna z moich koleżanek zapytała mnie :
- Dlaczego nic nie piszsze na blogu?
Ja jej na to:
- żę jestem w trakcie korekty mojej drugiej książki,
- że zapisałam sie do Sydney Collage na kurs pisania scenariuszy.
Jestem już w połowie pisania, and I am so excited ;-)
P.S Zdradzę wam, że to bedzie thriller.

Taka była moja odpowiedż w skrócie ;-)

Ciężko to wszystko ogarnąć ale daje rade i najważniejsze jest, że uwielbiam to co robię. Jestem starsznie podekscytowana kursem. Kto wie może, któregoś pieknego dnia Hollywood
 podpisze ze mna umowę ;-)))) i wreszcie uda mi się pójść na te cholerne OSKARY ;-) jako gość <3

A teraz z innej beczki.
Dwa tygodnie temu zorganizowałam "get together" z moimi polkami. To był mój pierwszy wieczór autorski.
P.S Poniżej pare zdjęć.

W Sydney pogoda nas rozpieszcza. Na przykład tydzień temu w sobote było +27.
Dzisiaj +19, tylko dodam, że w Australii nadal mamy zime ;-)).

Życze wam udanego weekendu. Mój zapowiada się bardzo busy <3

Monday, 3 August 2015



Wczorajsza kolacja była rewelacyjna, perfekcyjna, super, extra itd itd.....
Dania serwowane przez szefa były poprostu przepyszne.
Z calego serducha polecam ARIA restauracje dla wszystkich i każdemu z osobna ;-)

 Nie wiem co  na stole robi moja książka, ale muszę                                                             przyznać, że wygląda super <3


Last night we had fabulous dinner at ARIA.....possibly the best ever dinner. The food was beyond expectation and the staff were incredibly friendly. OMG, I could write about the experience the whole night ;-)
If you ever want to celebrate something or celebrate nothing, please don't think twice ;-)..... just give it a go ;-)

Not Sure what my book is doing on the table but I just like the look of it ;-) <3

Saturday, 1 August 2015

"What I love about Oz....."

What I love about Oz.....

What I love about Australia is that we can still enjoy ourselves on the beach any time of the year ;-)
Yesterday we made a quick decision on where to have lunch, We packed our food and drove to one of my favourite beaches in Sydney...Forty Baskets. How is that for Saturday lunch !!! The weather was just fabulous, 22 degrees.
I have to be honest with you, burgers always taste better by the beach ;-)

Today definitely feels like spring in Oz , even though we are still in the middle of the winter. We have a wopping 25 degrees. It is going to be another beautiful day ;-). We spent the whole morning at Clontarf at the "Dogs Day Out" event. Roxy, was in her element.
I have to admit guys, my dog is crazy ;-)

Anyway, the best part of the day is coming soon. Dan is taking me out to one of the most well known restaurants in Sydney called ARIA, owned by celebrity chef Matt Moran.  We are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary and my upcoming birthday. Should be fun ;-)

I am so looking forward to trying his delicious, food ;-) and spending some quality time with my hubby.

P.S. A few pictures of me and my family ;-)