Monday, 21 September 2015

"From Sydney to Byron Bay"

From Sydney to Byron Bay.

On Saturday morning we started our looong drive to Byron Bay.
6 hours later we arrived at our first stop, Scotts Head.
Dan booked a house in the middle of the bush. I couldn't understand why did he would do that knowing that Ania and bush don't go very well together ;-)
He also said it is a posh bush house and silly me in believing him.
Anyway, we arrived at the house and I actually started crying. Why?
I tell you why. The place was far away from being posh, plus the toilet was outside. OMG! I sat down and I asked my hubby to start looking for something else as I couldn’t stay there in a million years ;-)
He tried, but nothing was available that night.
I opened a bottle of wine and poured myself a glass, full glass as I needed to calm down ;-)
A few minutes later the owner came to say hello. I introduced myself and asked him about the creepy crawlies.
He said, “listen, we are surrounded with 11 acres of the bush. You can expect anything but don't worry I sprayed everywhere so nothing should bother you tonight.”
I kind of calmed down and then he said, “I remember when a Chinese couple stayed here. I was showing them one room upstairs and suddenly a tarantula started walking in the middle of the room. I am not scared of spiders so I picked up the spider and put it outside. The Chinese lady called me, with her Chinese accent crocodile Dundee”
He actually thought that the story was funny. I on the other hand, had to finish the whole bottle of wine to calm down ;-)
As you can expect I didn't sleep much that night as I was non-stop thinking of the tarantula , Yukkkkkkk

The next morning, the kids got up at 5am and after a quick brekkie we ran away.
A couple stops later we arrived in stunning Byron Bay.
What a change of surroundings. Beautiful, hippie town.

Tomorrow the rest of the story …............... as we are off for some sightseeing ;-)

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