Thursday, 19 November 2015

"Counting down days till Christmas"

Counting down days till Christmas

Who has started counting down the days till Christmas?  Me, me, me!!!!
I cannot wait for the 24th of December, and not because  we are going to fry our bums in Fiji
but because I hope to will my Christmas present from my special list this year;-)
We are also getting closer to our Christmas party. I  simply cannot wait to spend time with my beautiful friends.

OMG we have such a hot spell in Sydney at the moment. Today +34, tomorrow +38.  ,....Next week similar, if it wont stop burning soon I will look like a black pudding ;-) any minute ;-).

Do you know what? I am boiling here so I better go and have a quick dip in the pool .

Good night and good morning ;-)

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