Monday, 21 December 2015

Bula from Castaway Fiji

Bula from Castaway Fiji.

I cannot believe that I haven’t been on my blog for so many weeks. I also cannot believe that it is only 2 days till Christmas. This year, we are skipping all the kitchen madness and we have chosen the easy way out to celebrate Christmas. On Saturday afternoon, we arrived in the most beautiful place on earth called Castaway Fiji. The island is quite small. It only takes a few minutes to walk around, plus the Pacific ocean is warmer than our pool in Sydney ;-).
We were looking forward to this holiday for almost a year. I booked it in February, as I wanted to make sure to get a bura. Believe me or not we booked the last available villa. Food, people and location are fabulous. It will be strange not to have a huge Christmas at home, but it will be a completely new experience for the Dollow family.
Obviously not everything went that smoothly like looks on Facebook ;-)

A few days before the flight we noticed that Matthew's passport was valid for only 4 months. Fiji is one of those countries that requires a minimum of 6 months. I almost died when I noticed it. The next morning we were in mad rush and went straight to the British embassy in Sydney. It took only 2 hours to sort it out. Amazing! We got an emergency passport for our boy. Relief! What if I wouldn't have noticed the mistake? I still have goosebumps each time I think about it ;-)  

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