Thursday, 25 August 2016

"Acting classes"

Acting classes

One day, when I eventually got a chance to sit down, I decided to look for acting classes for my boys. In the end I end up booking a class for myself. I have now started my absolutely fabulous new hobby with my first class last Tuesday and I really enjoyed it.
I was quite nervous, but in the end, I eventually calmed down ;-).
For the next few months I will be learning different acting techniques and I am really excited about it. Who knows,  maybe one day I might even act in my own movie, based on my script which is based on my book ;-) "Blogging About Guys"

BTW, my movie script is with Ridley Scott's reading team. I know! I still cannot believe it. Fingers crossed for my movie to be made !!
Will drink on that tonight.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

"Snowy weekend"

Snowy weekend

It was probably about 6 years ago since I last saw the snow. I couldn't wait any more longer.  I was actually kind of desperate to organize a trip to snowy Thredbo.
When mentioned that we might see the snow to my kids, I knew it was going to happen, as my boys had already started packing their little suitcases. I was also excited to get a long weekend away. The first stop was in Canberra. I had actually never been in the capital of Australia. After searching for a hotel, we ended up in the apartmentl. To be honest with you I prefer apartments, as the boys have their own room and mummy and daddy their own on suite.
The very next day, we made our way to Thredbo. When we got there, it was already snowing, so we had great fun. The kids had their first skiing lesson and they fell in love with it. They wanted to stay longer, but it was time to go back home.
We will definitely visit the snow again, but maybe somewhere else as Thredbo is quite expensive for what you get.

Last Thursday, Australia received some new additions to their beautiful Country. Dan, myself and our kids have passed the citizenship test. Ye mate, we did it!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

"So what I have been up to?

So what I have been up to? 

I actually cannot believe, that my last post was back on the 20th March.  I am also quite surprised that I haven't been kicked out from blogging ;-)  for not writing more ;-)

So what I have been up to?
As many of you already know, I have been writing a script based on my book. I finished it a few weeks ago, and I have passed it to a movie producer, just to add a big movie producer. I am not obviously writing about his size ;-) but only about his film experience.  I am very excited about it. I am really, truly hoping that Mr. Producer will like it and, we can all enjoy "Blogging about guys " on a big screen.  Can you imagine that? I can ;-)

This week, the kids finally went back to school after two weeks of school holidays. I also cannot believe that we are in term 3. I had better start buying Christmas gifts, as Christmas is just around the corner. ;-), right? To be honest with you my kids are already writing letters to Santa ;-) Crazy! I know.

We are going away this coming weekend to see the snow, which I haven't seen for 6 years. I really miss winter, but only for a few days. I love summer too much to live in a cold country. The plan is to stay one night in Canberra, do some sight seeing and then hit the road straight to Thredbo. Only staying one night in the ski resort and then make our way back to Sydney. We will do one more pit-stop over night and then head home, sweet home. I would love to stay a bit longer, but we have responsibilities at home called ROXY, our dog and work as well, and almost forgot about school, the kids need to go to school ;-).

Will keep you posted on our trip to snow ;-)

Sunday, 20 March 2016

"Easter Hats"

Easter Hats

Is that really true that Easter id only 7 days away? Is that for real? It feels like I have just put the Christmas tree away in the garage. What is wrong with the time? Can I ask you, "time", to slow bloody down? Please!!!

I have been working a lot lately on my script and am very close to finishing it. I am so excited about it. Please keep fingers crossed for me.

We have had amazing weather in Sydney so far,  until today. It rained for the whole day.
It is 9.00 pm and I think it has eventually stopped raining. I hope so!  It's dark outside, so it is difficult to say ;-)
I have to be honest with you, I  was very happy spending the whole day indoors with my boys. We manged to make Easter hats for the Easter parade and a lot of stuff that is not even worth a mention ;-)

Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Good morning and Good night"

Good morning and Good night

How are you all ?
I am fine, just enjoying my life a bit, actually a lot ;-)

I was going through my notes from January, and I have to say quite a lot has happened in a matter of 31 days. I had ups and downs, like millions of us but at the end of the day I am still here.

We have had amazing weather in Sydney, so we are spending every free minute on the beach. I have my Polish brother here with us for the next few weeks. He loves Australia so much. Manly beach is his favorite. Marek haven't seen Bondi yet, so will see which beach wins.
He is always saying that life in Sydney is like a never ending holiday. And you know what? He is right. Even though we are all working etc, life is still pretty awesome in OZ. I lived in Poland, UK, South Africa and now we are living in Australia. I have to say,  Australia is by far the best city in the world. <33.
Of course we had minuses, but there is no point writing about them ;-)

The highlight of January was definitely the Oscar nomination for Dicaprio ;-) hahah. Joking.
I have to say  I was definitely happy that school eventually started. Not because I don't like spending time with my kids, I love it , but I am working  etc, so it was quite hard to keep everything together, plus we were doing renovations to our bathrooms.

So coming to the conclusion, the beginning of the year started really well. The month of January is so far the best for me. Bring in on February ;-)

Have a lovely day in Oz and good night Europe <333

Monday, 4 January 2016



What to do when it is raining outside plus it’s school holidays? NOTHING, I would love to say. But it is not that easy. My boys are full on, busy, etc, like probably million of other kids. Anyway I mustn't complain as my friend took my older son for a play day and the little one was sent off to preschool. So that completely change the whole point of view for a day. I should probably start from the beginning. What to do when it’s raining outside plus your kids are not at home? NOTHING, I would love to say, but it is not that easy. I had to work. My post proves the point, that mothers are never allowed to do NOTHING.