Saturday, 6 February 2016

Good morning and Good night"

Good morning and Good night

How are you all ?
I am fine, just enjoying my life a bit, actually a lot ;-)

I was going through my notes from January, and I have to say quite a lot has happened in a matter of 31 days. I had ups and downs, like millions of us but at the end of the day I am still here.

We have had amazing weather in Sydney, so we are spending every free minute on the beach. I have my Polish brother here with us for the next few weeks. He loves Australia so much. Manly beach is his favorite. Marek haven't seen Bondi yet, so will see which beach wins.
He is always saying that life in Sydney is like a never ending holiday. And you know what? He is right. Even though we are all working etc, life is still pretty awesome in OZ. I lived in Poland, UK, South Africa and now we are living in Australia. I have to say,  Australia is by far the best city in the world. <33.
Of course we had minuses, but there is no point writing about them ;-)

The highlight of January was definitely the Oscar nomination for Dicaprio ;-) hahah. Joking.
I have to say  I was definitely happy that school eventually started. Not because I don't like spending time with my kids, I love it , but I am working  etc, so it was quite hard to keep everything together, plus we were doing renovations to our bathrooms.

So coming to the conclusion, the beginning of the year started really well. The month of January is so far the best for me. Bring in on February ;-)

Have a lovely day in Oz and good night Europe <333

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