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A good friend of mine called me lucky today. You have everything - loving husband, beautiful boys etc.
Thanks - but I wouldn't call it luck.

I was born in a small town in Poland. We didn't have a big house or money to spare. We had a very cozy 2 bedroom flat with my older sister and brother and had rather a quiet life.
When I was a teenage girl I had my own vision of my life, it was more like a dream. I wanted be a theatre actress or a writer - even though my Polish teacher always told me that I have no writing talent;-)
Anyway, after finishing university in Poland at UMCS - Lublin, I started searching and looking for a job. There were no jobs for me or anybody else at that time. I remember that everyone was asking me for the experience. What experience? I just finished university -where was I supposed to get my experience from? I was happy to get my experience and working for free but I couldn't find anything. My very good friend - at that time was in London - she called me and told me that one of her friends wants to come back to Poland and she had cleaning jobs for sale. I was like - me? Cleaning jobs? No.
After a while I accepted the offer and with very unhappy people in Poland I went to London. Poland wasn't in the EU at that time, so I basically was going to be an illegal immigrant. Not nice!
I was almost sent back to Poland at the border - as the emigrant officer didn't believe me that I was going for only a two week holiday to London. He was absolutely right ;-). I was't going for two weeks - I was meant to stay in England for a year. In the end I end up staying for 9 years ;-)
After a few days in London, I wanted to go back home. My friend turned out to be a completely different person. I could go back but I borrowed money in Poland for the trip so I had to sit quietly - which by the way wasn't easy - and be patient. I hated my job. Every day I had tears in my eyes. I wanted to something else. I bit my tongue and was doing what had to be done.
A few months later, I met a girl from my home town and we became very good friends. We rented a room together. She also introduced me to Daniel - my husband.
One night after walking around on Oxford Street, Dan called Anka and invited her and me for a dinner at his place. I didn't want to go as I was tired and not in the mood for dinner. After 2 pint's of beer I changed my mind and 2 hours later I was sitting in Dan's house eating - I don't remember what ;-). After dinner all of us went to Camden town to a rock bar. It was a great party. From the minute Dan opened his door, I fell in love with him. He was - and still is very a handsome man ;-). I thought there would be nothing between us as I couldn't speak English - except hi ;-) - oh, a little bit more than that - by the way he is English, but most of his life spent in South Africa.

I was visiting his place more and more often. We liked each other and we were having a good time together. I decided that I would not go back to Poland, not just yet. Anka and myself went to the English college together to learn English. We changed our place and moved to a very cozy place in Portabello Road with our South African friend Steven. After six months our lease expired and we had to find another place to live. Dan offered me to move in with him. I was like, ok. ;-)
A year later he popped the question and a year after that we got married in Poland. Another year later our first son - Oliver was Born and 3 years later Matthew. After spending 9 years in London we were fed up with the English weather - my skin was getting whiter and whiter ;-)

I found another job at the shop called Jeans West. It was on Oxford street. They paid me as little as they could. It wasn't fair but I had to get some kind of experience. The manager of the shop was a pig. He was forcing us to do strange thinks which  I refused to do. I end up having case against him. I accused him of sexual harassment. I wasn't the first but I was definitely the last. He got fired immediately. Then I found a job in a firm of solicitors - I was an assistant the the partners. My boss wasn't great. He was screaming the whole day at us. I manage to stay there for a whole year. This was quite difficult. I remember I was crying at my lunch time and I wanted to quit, but I am not a quitter, so pulled myself together and always put a smile on my face in the office. My last job in London was for a housing association - was helping single mothers to find benefits and accommodation. After 8 months I fell pregnant. I had quite a difficult pregnancy so we decided that I was going to stay at home.

After 9 years in London, we decided to go to Cape Town. We were also applying for a visa to Australia but after a while - almost 2 years - we were losing hope that we would get in to Oz. After unpacking our luggage in South Africa, we received a positive answer from Australia. We were shocked, happy, and confused what we were going to do next.
We decided that would be nice to spend a few months in Cape Town and relax. We met a few friends - which by the way we miss. Especially the Rochers ;-).

3 weeks later we have arrived in beautiful Sydney. It feels right for us here. Everything is just perfect except the spiders;-)
Can I call myself a lucky girl? Yes I can, but everything is for a reason. I work hard to be where I am now.

P.S - This is just a piece of me ;-)



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  2. Dziękuję za dodanie na insta :) Będzie mi łatwiej śledzić Twojego bloga, bo wydajesz mi się osobą inspirującą i z pasją do tego co robisz. Pozdrawiam Ala.

  3. To ja dziękuję ;-). Bardzo mi miło, że czytasz moje wypociny ;-).

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie